My Story


I grew up in the Midwest riding horses, roller skating, collecting rocks, and making lots of home movies with my friends of our "band" Black Magic. Growing up a small town girl stretched my imagination and creative spirit. I spent many hours with National Geographic Magazine, which contributed ample specimens for practicing my life drawing skills. Bobcats, arctic wolves, and big bad bizarre dinosaurs became my childhood subjects.

In High School, my art teacher measured me with this: "You really think and act like an artist."  I didn't know if this was a compliment or curse, but I embraced it as endorsement to earn two BFAs in Printmaking and Art History at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Look. Make. Think. 

I completed a Masters of Fine Arts in Design Criticism at The School of Visual Arts in New York City on 2015. Traveling between abandoned Jackrabbit Homesteads in the desolate Twentynine Palms desert and landmarked dwellings-turned-museums in Los Angeles, I wrestled with the technical and philosophical issues of preserving our domestic modern heritage. I was honored to receive the first Steven Heller Design Research Award for my inquiry of how one American Major League Baseball team's mascot inspired the American celebrity of poison warning, Mr. Yuk. 

I stay woke lecturing as an adjunct professor (most recently at DAAP), writing design stories, and volunteering as a chapter leader of Jessica Walsh's Ladies Wine, Design. I'm happiest adventuring with my dog, white-girl hiking, text-battling rap lyrics with anyone, and visiting museums.

Join me along my adventures and discoveries in design criticism. Oh, and nice to meet you!